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July 2, 2010
ALABAMA ADVANCING DIGITAL LITERACY: 2010 Technology in Alabama Public Schools Report

Montgomery, Ala. – In the 2010 report, Technology in Alabama Public Schools, Alabama’s advancements and improvements in the realm of digital learning are showcased as innovative and far-reaching. Alabama is poised to lead the way in digital learning in the coming decade.


“Alabama is making gains in numerous areas of technology in the classroom and that is essential to keep pace with knowledge and skills needed in the 21st Century,” said Dr. Melinda Maddox, Director of Technology Initiatives, Alabama Department of Education.


The report uses two online surveys, Speak Up, which is a national survey that supplies Alabama with state-specific data, and the IMPACT survey, which is derived from Indicators for Measuring Progress in Advancing Classroom Technology (IMPACT) – the state improvement plan for technology in the classroom. IMPACT’s overreaching purpose is to improve learning through the use of technology. The vision of IMPACT is to leverage the unique powers of technology to provide challenging, stimulating learning opportunities for students across the state.


In the IMPACT survey, 36,929 teachers and 2,152 school administrators participated and 3,943 teachers, 309 administrators, 19,756 students and 2,331 parents submitted answers to the Speak Up survey.


Key strengths in the Technology in Alabama Public Schools report include:


·         Teachers feel more comfortable using technology for personal productivity, and to gather and analyze student achievement data.

·         Students are using a variety of sophisticated technologies at home.

·         School administrators, teachers, students and parents feel strongly that technology is critical to preparation for 21st century school and work.

·         The student to computer ratio improved from 4.3:1 in 2007 to 3.4:1 in 2009.


In every category on the Speak Up survey, Alabama teachers, administrators, students and parents reported an implementation rate within five percentage points of national percentages. Alabama is on target with the nation and, in many areas, exceeds the national percentages.


To advance in the realm of technology, continuous improvement is integral. Some areas that will be reviewed and improved upon are professional development, the need for more mobile technology tools like Smartphones and laptops and the need to keep pace with 21st century technology skills. Data from the 2010 Technology in Alabama Public Schools Report will continue to drive improvements for the implementation of successful instructional strategies using 21st century technology tools.


To view the complete 2010 Technology in Alabama Public Schools Report, click here. To view IMPACT, the State Technology Plan, please click here.


For more information, visit:  http://www.alsde.edu/