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July 16, 2019
ADECA’s Surplus Property public auctions go online
MONTGOMERY— Starting this month, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is moving Alabama’s public surplus property auctions to the internet.

The agency’s migration into the digital realm in partnerships with GovDeals.com and GSAauctions.gov will allow for items to be auctioned off year-round and allow the ADECA Surplus Property Division’s Montgomery Warehouse, site of past auctions, to stay open throughout the year. Previously, the division would have to close the warehouse for weeks to conduct inventory prior to a public auction.

“Moving our auctions online will allow for more items to be available to the public throughout the year and keep the division open for business longer,” ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell said. “This will benefit the public by making our auction process more efficient.”

ADECA's Surplus Property Division is responsible for the collection and sale of all property declared excess by state agencies that participate in the Surplus Property Program. It also is responsible for the transfer of all federal surplus property allocated to the state from both military bases and federal agencies.

At any given time, this division has approximately $50 million in inventory on hand ranging from vehicles to office furniture and almost everything in between. The program saves the taxpayers millions of dollars annually by selling the property at a greatly reduced cost to public entities and eligible nonprofit organizations. After a period of time, items not purchased by agencies eligible for the program can be sold to the public via online auctions.

To see what property is available via auction, visit www.GovDeals.com/AlabamaSurplus for state property and www.GSAauctions.gov for federal property. Items will be added regularly.

More information about ADECA’s Surplus Property Division can be found at http://adeca.alabama.gov/surplus.


Contact: Josh Carples; Mike Presley

For more information, visit:  http://www.adeca.alabama.gov/