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September 15, 2017
ADECA donates items to Florida for Irma relief
MONTGOMERY— The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is sending help to the state of Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

ADECA’s Surplus Property Division is donating more than 6,000 items to Florida’s State Agency for Surplus Property program, including new beds, pillows, blankets, hospital beds, IV stands, cots, water canteens, and more.

“In times of crisis, our state always steps up to lend a helping hand,” Gov. Kay Ivey said. “I hope that these items from ADECA’s Surplus Property Division can bring some relief to our Florida neighbors as they deal with the aftermath of the hurricane. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected by Hurricane Irma.”

State surplus property managers can step in and send needed items once an area is declared a federal disaster area by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The federal property being sent by ADECA was originally obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Along with being responsible for all property declared excess by state agencies, the division also is responsible for the transfer of all federal surplus property from military bases and federal agencies.

“Governor Ivey has led Alabama’s efforts to help assist Florida in hurricane recovery efforts,” ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell said. “As a former mayor of a city that was hit by a natural disaster a few years ago, I understand the importance these items will bring to Floridians. We stand with Gov. Ivey in support of our neighbors in Florida.”

“As the Alabama Emergency Management Agency closely tracked the path of Hurricane Irma, we had a unique mission of preparing Alabamians while looking for ways to care for the basic needs of Florida evacuees escaping the path of a hurricane,” Alabama EMA Director Brian Hastings said. “Now that Florida is in its recovery phase, Alabama will continue to support Florida residents with any requested resources during their long road to recovery.”

ADECA manages millions of dollars in federal and state surplus property, and the program saves taxpayer money by making items available at fractions of regular costs to eligible entities year-round, along with holding public auctions.

“It is common practice for state surplus managers to aid after a natural disaster,” said Shane Bailey, chief of ADECA’s Surplus Property Division. “Alabama received help after the deadly tornado outbreak of 2011, and now we are able to step in and help our neighbors in their time of need.”

ADECA manages a wide range of programs that support law enforcement, economic development, water resource management, energy conservation and recreation.


Contact: Josh Carples; Mike Presley

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