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March 28, 2012
Codes provide first statewide standards for residential, commercial buildings
HUNTSVILLE—Alabama is in the process of implementing its first ever statewide building codes. The codes will provide standards for safety for residences and energy efficiency for residential and commercial buildings, Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Director Jim Byard Jr. told a group of north Alabama public officials and construction industry professionals today.

Created by the Legislature in 2010, the Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board voted recently to establish standards based on the 2009 International Residential Code and the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. The codes are scheduled to take effect Oct. 1 and will apply to all new construction and substantial renovations.

ADECA provided administrative support for the board and the department’s Energy Division supplied technical advice and guidance regarding the portions of the codes related to energy efficiency. The board relied on the expertise of its members from the homebuilding industry for other issues related to the residential building code including health and safety.

“The residential building code will ensure that every new home built in Alabama will be stronger and built to an internationally recognized standard,” Byard said. “The codes also will help homeowners and businesses save money on their utility bills by incorporating energy efficiency in the design and construction of homes and businesses.”

More than 60 public officials and building industry professionals attended today’s presentation in Huntsville to learn more about the state’s new standards from Byard and Karen Clifton of ADECA’s Energy Division. The Huntsville meeting was organized by the Association of North Alabama Code Officials, a trade group that provide educational opportunities for code officials, municipal building inspectors, contractors, architects and other professionals involved in the building industry.

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For more information, visit:  http://www.adeca.alabama.gov/