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March 27, 2017
Governor Bentley announces ARC funds to repair Winfield sewer system

Gov. Robert Bentley has announced a $94,483 grant to replace an outdated and deteriorating part of the Winfield city sewer system.

The funds from the Appalachian Regional Commission will replace a 25-year-old sewer system lift station serving many businesses at and near the Interstate 22 interchange.

“A functioning sewer system protects the health and safety of residents and is a vital component in attracting and retaining businesses and industry,” Bentley said. “I am pleased that ARC funds are available to help Winfield efficiently operate and maintain its sewer system to serve residents and businesses.”

The city will replace the lift station on Marion County Road 14 which connects the city sewer plant with I-22 and businesses which are reliant on the service. The opening of I-22 in recent years has produced several businesses and provided jobs for people in Winfield and surrounding areas. The new interstate, connecting Birmingham with Memphis, Tenn., has the potential to help the city attract more businesses and industry to the area, according to local leaders.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs administers the ARC program in Alabama. Thirty-seven counties in Alabama are part of the ARC region and eligible for funds which could be cut under current federal budget proposals.

"ARC programs have through the years have tremendously impacted so many Alabama communities and regions in the way of infrastructure improvements, education and economic opportunities,” ADECA Director Jim Byard Jr. said. "I am proud of ADECA’s partnership with ARC and the benefits this program is making in Winfield and has made to numerous other Alabama communities during the last 50 years."

ARC’s mission is to innovate, partner, and invest to build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in Appalachia to help the region achieve socioeconomic parity with the nation. During a period of October 2015 to January 2017, ARC has funded 64 projects in Alabama totaling $11.2 million and resulted in 900 jobs and training or educating 14,000 students or workers for new or advancement jobs.

ADECA manages a range of programs that support law enforcement, economic development, recreation, energy conservation and water resource management.


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